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Choosing Recipe Software

The two most important issues in choosing recipe software are how difficult is it to enter recipes and how useful the recipes are once they have been entered.  The software you choose should allow for easy and pleasant data entry from a variety of sources and it should make it very easy for you to organize and retrieve recipes when you want to use them.

Review Recipe Software Before Purchase

If you are like most cooks, you take more pleasure in cooking than computing.  Carefully consider the interface.  Is it intuitive and fun? If you are organizing your recipe collection and the interface is confusing you will quickly become frustrated. The interface is often a clue as to whether the recipe software publisher can find their way around the kitchen or not. Recipe software free trials let you familiarize yourself with basic features before purchase.  What about a money-back guarantee?  Lastly, how long has the cookbook software been around? Don’t be fooled by sales claims of copies sold or lowest price.  The only real indication of a high quality product and satisfied customers is a long history of repeat sales and word of mouth recommendations.

Organize Recipes with Recipe Software

All recipe software programs require data entry to enter recipes.  The benefits of managing recipes within a database program far outweigh the data entry effort.  Most of the better programs have features like “type ahead” for look-ups and duplication capabilities for similar ingredients and recipes.  These types of features will make recipe entry faster and more fun.  Retrieving recipes should be easy.  If you want to find a recipe that contains beef, takes less than 15 minutes to cook and also uses broccoli you should be able to find it instantly.  Print the recipe, use it in the kitchen while cooking and don't hesitate to throw it away if it gets splattered.

Once your recipes are stored there are endless ways to edit, sort, print, email and publish recipes - and most importantly - you have preserved your collection permanently and made it easily accessible.

Once you have your collection entered, how easy is it to use it?  Can you easily create cookbooks from your collection? Are decorative printing templates included? Can you automatically scale recipes and calculate nutrition? How easy is it to share recipes via email or file sharing? Optional features may include automated shopping lists, meal planning and menus. Advanced features may include the ability to export cookbooks to self publishing programs such as The Cooks Palate Publisher for fully customizable page layouts, digital photo editing and preparation for print-on-demand cookbook printing. Most trials will let you test these features before you buy.

Whatever recipe software you choose to buy, make sure it meets these minimum standards.



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