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Cookbook Fundraisers

When you are a member of a church or other social organization that requires fundraising for projects, you may find that a cookbook fundraiser is a great project that you can collectively work on together.  Everyone in your organization will become a salesperson for the completed cookbook, raising revenue for your project.  Often you can get local merchants to prominently display your cookbooks and/or advertise them on their web sites or in their retail stores as part of your marketing plan..

Establish a committee to meet on a regular basis to make decisions about how the cookbook is progressing and to establish goals and a timeline for each stage of the project.

  • Establish a cookbook fundraiser theme and timeline for completion.
  • Determine what type of fundraiser cookbook will be printed. Book dimensions such as size, fonts, margins, illustrations, page count etc... must be configured exactly for the type of book being printed.  Establish target sales revenue, develop a marketing plan and a project budget.
  • As much as possible, emulate other fundraising cookbook projects that have been successful and set realistic goals.
  • If it is a team project, identify the team leader/editor.  Cookbook project teams are eligible for special Cooks Palate multi-pack licenses to complete their projects.
  • Establish project guidelines with standardized processes for recipe testing, data entry, book layout, chapter definitions and cover design.

Organize Your Recipes

  • Assemble recipes from all sources including handwritten recipes, recipe cards, family cookbooks, magazines, newspapers, recipe programs and web sites. 
  • Enter recipes in The Cooks Palate along with category information for easy search and retrieval
  • Use The Cooks Palate scaling feature to make all of the recipes reflect the same number of servings.

Design Your Cookbook

  • Develop a  manuscript using The Cook's Palate Publishing program.  Open the cookbook that you created in The Cook's Palate in the publishing program.
  • The Publisher will automatically format the book block to print-on-demand specifications for the size book you have chosen.
  • Our Publisher program will automatically create a table of contents, chapters, pagination, and a robust, multi-layer index.
  • In the Publisher you can insert images, choose fonts and styles for each part of the recipe and choose cover artwork.
  • Edit the page templates provided by the Publisher for pages such as the forward, acknowledgement, preface, etc.
  • Proofread and edit the manuscript
  • Print a draft copy and circulate it for peer and editorial review.  The extent of editorial review and copy editing will depend on type of book you are printing. 
  • Get a final print production estimate based on page count

Print Your Cookbook Manuscript

  • Upload the finished manuscript to the Author, Inc. website for print-on-demand printing. or....
  • Submit your manuscript (or manuscript file) to a commercial printer for final production

Promote Your Fundraising Cookbook

  • Execute the cookbook fundraiser marketing plan





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