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This article describes the steps involved to publish your cookbook manuscript.

Organize Your Recipes

  • Assemble recipes from all sources, including handwritten recipes, recipe cards, an old family cookbook, magazines, newspapers, recipe programs and web sites.

  • Enter recipes in The Cooks Palate along with category information for easy search and retrieval

Develop a Cookbook Project Plan

  • Determine what type of book will be printed. Book dimensions such as size, fonts, margins, illustrations, page count etc... must be configured exactly for the type of book being published.
  • If it is a team project, identify the team leader/editor. Cookbook project teams are eligible for special Cooks Palate multi-pack licenses to complete their project.
  • Establish cookbook project guidelines with standardized processes for recipe testing, data entry, book layout chapter definitions, and cover design.
  • Establish a cookbook project budget, theme and timeline for publishing completion.

Design Your Cookbook

  • Develop a prototype manuscript.  Typical cookbook layouts include a table of contents, chapters, images, font styles and sizes, pagination, an index and cover artwork. Ideally, you should use a cookbook software program that automates cookbook formatting for you.
  • Proofread and edit the manuscript
  • Print a draft copy and circulate it for peer and editorial review.  The extent of editorial review and copy editing will depend on type of book you are printing.
  • Get a final print production estimate based on page count, size, binding etc..

Print Your Cookbook Manuscript

  • Print the final manuscript from The Cooks Palate cookbook publishing software.
  • Optionally export your manuscript to a popular word processor for further format customization.
  • Submit your manuscript to a commercial printer for final production.






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