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The Author, Inc. self-publishing system features software and automated templates which allow you to add and scale recipes to the desired number of servings, try different layouts, add graphics, fonts, styles, and colors, all with the click of a mouse. Since the templates are dynamic, all of these attributes can be easily changed at any point while making a cookbook. The Cooks Palate Publisher will then automatically generate a table of contents, assign numbers to pages, create chapters, cover pages, and even create a robust, multi-level index. Since all of these templates are dynamic, changes made while editing are automatically adjusted. The manuscript created using the Publisher's dynamic templates conform to all print-on-demand specifications and are print-ready.  We recommend reading how to choose recipe software prior to purchasing any cookbook software.

There are many web sites that claim to have cookbook templates. Some of these cookbook templates supply formats for recipe data entry in a word processor, such as MS Word.  Often they are limited to pre-selected margin settings and page size. Others are complex PDF formats that give examples of what a cookbook format should look like, tell you how to set your margins, recommend fonts and suggest font sizes. Sometimes these templates suggest ways to prepare documents for a printer. The challenge with these templates is that they are static - once recipes are entered, changes to the recipes must be made individually, not globally through editing commands capable of changing all  recipe properties. This tends to make the project labor intensive and error-prone. Additionally, recipe servings have to be scaled manually to include nutritional analysis.

The Author, Inc. self-service publishing system's dynamic templates are allow global editing of recipe properties, automated scaling, automated nutritional calculation, auto-assembly of cookbooks, automatic indexing, and include other global editing capabilities. The templates also let you output cookbooks in widely accepted formats, including email and rich text formatted files. Before you choose a format we recommend reading how to publish a cookbook.



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