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Cooking schools find that a software program like The Cooks Palate can be a valuable tool in educating the next generation of chefs. Today's students have typically grown up with computers in the classroom and are comfortable with technology and the Internet. A well designed culinary software application can be an invaluable tool to collaborate with students.  In addition, this generation of chefs is more likely to write chef cookbooks early in their career, so building a recipe library has become an important part of their career preparation. For example, when a class of students has The Cooks Palate installed recipes can be electronically distributed, organized, analyzed for nutrition, scaled to the correct portion size, and printed for use when cooking.

From within The Cooks Palate program teachers can email recipes to students prior to class, giving students time to prepare for class. Advance preparation allows students to focus on cooking technique during class.

Students can organize recipes for their entire course of study. With The Cooks Palate, recipes can be organized by food group, preparation time, cooking time, cuisine type, meal, and many other useful categories. Students can build a permanent collection of recipes from class, which not only reinforces the curriculum but encourages them to creatively build new recipes on that foundation.

Today's emphasis on nutrition requires that students have access to knowledge and tools about nutrition.  The Cooks Palate uses the official USDA nutrition database, allowing student chefs to instantly analyze recipe nutrition. Students can learn to substitute ingredients to see the effect on the nutritional analysis of a recipe. This is a helpful feature when setting up meal plans for special dietary requirements.

Students have to learn to scale recipes for the correct number of servings. The Cooks Palate allows the chef to automatically scale a recipe for any amount to ensure accurate preparation.  This is an important time saver and reduces the opportunity for error in calculation.

Finally, recipes can be printed for each class and then discarded.  Using cookbooks in class can be impractical and cause unnecessary wear and tear. With the Cooks Palate, cooking schools gain flexibility by being able to adapt recipes on the fly, distribute them via email and print them for class as needed.

If you are a cooking school teacher we invite you to explore how The Cooks Palate might add value to your classroom.





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