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Making a family cookbook is a wonderful way to preserve family recipes. It is also a way to bring families together.  Everyone in the family can contribute recipes for inclusion. Once completed, the cookbooks make thoughtful, inexpensive gifts that everyone will cherish.

To select the right cookbook publishing process you must consider the budget, the number or cookbooks initially required and the type of cookbook desired. Whichever publishing process you select, The Cooks Palate family cookbook software will automate tasks necessary to complete your project and save time and preparation expense in the process.

Choose The Right Publishing Process

When you publish a family cookbook, a PC, color printer and The Cooks Palate cookbook software may be all that you need. The program manages recipes and uses templates to publish complete cookbooks.  Cookbook production costs are inexpensive and cookbooks are reproduced from a desktop printer.

If you plan to publish a family cookbook with a customized result, you can create the cookbook with The Cooks Palate and export the cookbook to The Cooks Palate Publishing program where page layout templates, robust index, graphics insertion capability, page styles and more are fully automated, making print-on-demand publishing economical and easy.

The templates included with The Cooks Palate Publishing program assure that all the pages you create will adhere to print-on-demand specifications.  There are many varieties of binding and cover options to choose from.

Prepare Your Family Cookbook Manuscript

Once you have selected a production process and defined the project budget, you should identify a cookbook theme. 

Establish project guidelines for recipe testing, recipe data entry rules, chapter assignment, cover design and book layout.  Book dimensions such as size, fonts, margins, and photos or illustrations must be configured for the type of publishing process selected.  If you are using Cooks Palate publishing templates these specifications are defined within the program.  If you are using a commercial cookbook printer you will need to format your manuscript per their specifications. 

Carefully proofread and edit the manuscript. When you are ready, print a draft copy and circulate it for peer and editorial review and distribute a copy to everyone in the family.  The extent of editorial review and copy editing will depend on type of book you are producing, however, editorial review is recommended for all projects. Print the final cookbook manuscript and submit it to Author, Inc. or a commercial printer for publishing.





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