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Holiday cookbooks are coming
Each year when the holidays arrive a plethora of new holiday cookbooks are released.  It seems that cookbooks have become a preferred gift expression for culinary professionals, celebrities, food magazines and home cooks.  The selection can be mind boggling. And while there is no doubt that Christmas cookbooks make excellent Christmas gifts, we believe there is a better, more personal way to enjoy holiday cookbooks that have lasting value. 

Every family that we know of has their own family food traditions and many have their own holiday recipes nestled into their holiday cookbooks.  Some families prefer holiday meals to be “pot luck,” meals that consist of contributions from many family members.  This tradition certainly distributes the work, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the occasion.

In other families, meal responsibility is rotated through the family year-to-year, with the different members taking turns preparing the whole meal. 

Still another option (the one we prefer) is to prevail on the best cook in the family year after year.  This isn’t as bad as it sounds because usually the best cook really enjoys cooking and is happy to be asked. It is a compliment to their skill and there are always many hands to help prepare and clean up. 

Celebrate your family cookbook
In each of the scenarios above, it is important to preserve food memories.  Send everyone home with a copy of this year’s menu and recipes.  Every few years publish cookbooks  using The Cook's Palate Publishing program that can be preserved as a keepsake to remember those happy holiday occasions with family and friends.

Whatever your family’s preference, consider adding The Cooks Palate cookbook software to your family’s holiday tradition.








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