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How To Choose Recipe Software

What recipe software features are important to you? Do you already have a recipe collection or are you just starting one? Once you get organized do you plan to publish a cookbook? Is so, what type of cookbook? This article provides some guidance on what to consider when selecting recipe software.

Evaluate Recipe Software Before Purchase

If you are like most cooks, you take more pleasure in cooking than computing.  Carefully consider the recipe software interface.  Is it intuitive and fun? If you are organizing your recipe collection and the interface is confusing you will quickly become frustrated. The interface is often a clue as to whether the recipe software publisher can find their way around the kitchen or not. Is there a “try before you buy free trial” so you can familiarize yourself with basic features firsthand?  What about a money-back guarantee?  Lastly, how long has the software been around? Don’t be fooled by sales claims of copies sold or lowest price.  The only real indication of a high quality product and satisfied customers is a long history of repeat sales and word of mouth recommendations.

Organizing Recipes with Recipe Software

All recipe software programs require data entry to enter recipes.  The benefits of managing recipes within a database program far outweigh the data entry effort.  Once your recipes are stored there are endless ways to edit, sort, print, email and publish recipes - and most importantly - you have preserved your collection permanently. Look for data entry features that facilitate the data entry process such as type ahead fields, ingredient search, recipe and ingredient duplication - all designed to make recipe entry fast and easy.

Once you have your collection entered, how easy is it to use it?  Can you easily create cookbooks from your collection? Are decorative printing templates included? Can you automatically scale recipes and calculate nutrition? How easy is it to share recipes via email or file sharing? Optional features may include automated shopping lists, meal planning and menus. Advanced features may include the ability to export cookbooks to word processors for fully customized page layouts and digital photo editing. Most trials will let you test all of these features before you buy.

Whatever you decide to buy, make sure it lets you express your culinary palate!





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