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How To Make A Family Cookbook

Making a family cookbook can be a daunting task.  There are, however, several things you can do to streamline the process.  To publish your family cookbook, a PC, color printer and The Cooks Palate cookbook software may be all that you need. The program manages recipes and uses templates to publish complete family cookbooks.  Cookbook production costs are inexpensive and cookbooks are reproduced from a desktop printer. To select the right cookbook publishing process you must consider the budget, the number or cookbooks initially required and the type of cookbook. Whichever publishing process you select, The Cooks Palate family cookbook software will automate many of the tasks necessary to complete your project and save time and preparation expense in the process.

If you plan to publish a family cookbook with a customized layout, you can create the cookbook with The Cooks Palate and export the cookbook to The Cooks Palate Publishing program where page layouts, digital photos and illustrations can be fully customized. The Publisher will create a robust index from keywords entered with the recipes. Author, Inc.'s print-on-demand printing services offer a variety of binding styles and covers. Reproduction costs per cookbook are very affordable.

When you self-publish a family cookbook The Cooks Palate Publisher templates ensure that the manuscript meets the print-on-demand printing  specifications. You can create your cookbook with The Cooks Palate recipe software and format the manuscript layout with The Cook's Palate Publisher.













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