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How To Publish A Cookbook

What type of cookbook do you plan to publish? Is it a Family Cookbook? A Fundraising Cookbook? A self-published cookbook? This article addresses the cookbook publishing process rather than the cookbook proposal process to secure a publisher.  To select the right cookbook publishing process you must consider the budget, the number or cookbooks initially required and the type of cookbook. Whichever publishing process you select, The Cooks Palate can automate tasks necessary to complete your project and save time and preparation expense in the process.

Choose The Right Publishing Process

If you plan to publish a family cookbook, a PC, color printer and The Cooks Palate software may be all that you need. The program organizes recipes and uses templates to print complete cookbooks.  Cookbook production costs are inexpensive and cookbooks are reproduced from a desktop printer.

If you plan to publish a fundraising cookbook with a customized result, you can create the  cookbook with The Cooks Palate and export the cookbook to  The Cook's Palate Publisher where page layouts, digital photos and illustrations can be fully customized. The Publisher will even create a comprehensive index based on keywords entered in The Cook's Palate. The final manuscript can be inexpensively reproduced by Author, Inc.'s print-on-demand service. Author, Inc. offers a variety of binding styles and covers and reproduction cost per cookbook is generally low.

If you Author, Inc.'s Self Service Publishing Program you will have no need to adhere to specifications of the commercial cookbook printer you select. The Cook's Palate Publisher templates will assure that you meet all file format and submission specifications for POD. You can create your cookbook with The Cooks Palate and format the manuscript with a word processing program to meet the printer’s specifications. Author, Inc. offers a variety of binding styles and sizes and many have graphic artists on staff or can recommend freelance resources for cookbook authors.

Whichever type of production you choose, the cost of production will drive your project budget with PC production being the least expensive and commercial POD printing being the most expensive.

Prepare Your Cookbook Manuscript

Once you have selected a production process and defined the project budget, you should identify a cookbook theme.  The Cooks Palate automates many tasks that can be time consuming such as scaling recipes, analyzing recipe nutrition, defining cookbook chapters and creating a table of contents and a cookbook index.  If it is a team project, identify the team leader/editor. Project teams can take advantage of Cooks Palate multi-pack licenses to complete their projects.

Establish project guidelines for recipe testing, recipe data entry rules, chapter assignment, cover design and book layout.  Book dimensions such as size, fonts, margins, and photos or illustrations are all handled by the Publisher templates.  If you are using Cooks Palate Publishing templates these specifications are defined within the program.  If you are using a commercial cookbook printer you will need to format your manuscript per their specifications.

Carefully proofread and edit the manuscript. When you are ready, print a draft copy and circulate it for peer and editorial review.  The extent of editorial review and copy editing will depend on type of book you are producing, however, editorial review is recommended for all projects. Print the final cookbook manuscript and/or submit it to Author, Inc. for professional print-on-demand printing.




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