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Making a cookbook is a wonderful project that can be enjoyed by the whole family and leaves you with something that will be treasured by relatives and friends for years to come. It used to be that making a cookbook involved accumulating paper recipes, copying them laboriously into a word processor and then attempting to organize them into a cookbook. Most people gave up somewhere along the way. Now the Cooks Palate cookbook software has taken the tedium out of making cookbooks.

With the Cooks Palate, as you enter the recipes they are automatically scaled to the proper serving size, the nutrition is analyzed, chapters are added, pages are numbered, a table of contents is created, an index is created and all that is left to do is add the recipes themselves. You might want to read choosing recipe software to find the right program with the right features for your cookbook project.

After you have added the recipes you have many options for the final book. For example, you can experiment with the many different recipe layouts. The layouts can be changed with the click of a mouse. For example, you may want the notes field at the top of the recipe, where it may say something like “this is the first recipe my mother taught me to make,” or you may want to move this comment to follow the recipe instructions. You may want the ingredients in one column on the left side of the page, or you may want the ingredients in two columns above the instructions.

For a more professional cookbook, read about  Author, Inc.'s Self Service Publishing software and services.

The Cooks Palate cookbook software takes the drudgery out of making a cookbook, makes the project fun and exciting and leaves you with a cookbook that will be a family heirloom cookbook for years.










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