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With the Cooks Palate recipe software you can publish your own cookbook more easily than with any other method. If you go to Google and type in the words publish your own cookbook you will be taken to a number of sites that purport to assist you with the many steps you will need to traverse the process.

The recommendations frequently begin with something like this: “The first thing to do is to create your recipes. Once you have these written down or typed out, you can start to organize them into a book. The second phase will be to actually find a cookbook editor and to set out your own plan of action to follow." Right away you are in trouble. Much of the labor in developing a cookbook is defining and organizing the recipe content. Most people who fail to complete their cookbook do so because they never get past this first step.

With the Cooks Palate cookbook software most of the work is taken out of the process. Although you still need to enter your recipes in the program, you do so once and you will have limitless ways to edit and organize them once they are entered.  The recipes are automatically alphabetized and placed in chapters of your choosing. A cookbook index is created and pages are numbered. You can scale the recipes for the correct number of servings. It will analyze the nutrition if you want, and even check your spelling. You will find numerous options for the layout of your recipes. Including options for your ingredients, instructions, notes, and nutrition, if included. You can select from a vast array of type styles, fonts, etc. Think how tedious it would be to do all of these things manually.

The Cooks Palate software makes it easy for cookbook writers to get to the cookbook manuscript stage of publishing your own cookbook. Designing the physical layout of the book is fun and creative. You can choose to print your cookbook at this stage and have it bound, or take the finished manuscript to a editor for review and advice. Now you are a cookbook publishing expert.











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