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"Thanks to a software program called The Cooks Palate, creating a personalized cookbook is a piece of cake."

Tom Greenwood, Detroit News


"Your Cooks Palate is a wonderful idea and should appeal to many people, particularly cookbook writers and cooking school people."

Julia Child, Cookbook Author


"This is a newcomer with an attitude.  The Cooks Palate has foregone a large recipe collection of it own and flexes its muscle toward helping you quickly and easily transform that drawer-full of recipes into colorful cookbooks."

Laurel Keser, Bon Vivant


"The Cooks Palate is a great way to expand your culinary experiences at home. We hope you give it a try!"

Peter King Hunsinger, Publisher, Gourmet


"Many Gourmet Club members have either invented or are looking for smarter, more sophisticated ways to organize their recipes.  The Cooks Palate is designed specifically for recipe collections."

Joy Haber, Editor, Gourmet Club Network









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