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Cookbooks have a somewhat unique position in the publishing world, thanks to the great variety of types and publication methods. A great number of cookbooks are self published every year by individuals interested in publishing for both fun and profit. There are several publishing houses whose whole business is self published cookbooks though most of these are short run printing companies, not print on demand printers.

Self published cookbooks (for a profit) present some special challenges in the number of choices related to printing. Traditionally, recipe oriented cookbooks have been published with comb or spiral bindings so they can be laid flat. Special coated papers may be employed to help the book stand up to broken eggs from the omelet, and font and layout may be designed for reading from twice the normal distance.  However, with the advent of digital photography, aspiring cooking authors are likely to depend over-much on color photography of food preparation, and while this works great when writing a cookbook online, it's a costly nightmare for printing.

If you plan to self publish cookbooks using print on demand printing, the fancy photography is probably cost prohibitive, though limitless binding options are OK. That doesn't mean you can't cook up a terrific self published book, you just have to match the technology to the style before you start. Print on demand is at it's best with straight text content, but it works well with enough with black and white line drawings as well. If you think about the cookbooks you actually use, how many of them actually feature color photography? Some of the best books for cooks were designed with low printing cost in mind, and the only illustrations are black and white line drawings of ingredients or recipes. The trick is to find a balance of photography or line art and text as cookbook content.  Cookbook software programs can help you find this balance. You may choose to review choosing recipe software for more detail.




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