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Author, Inc. has created a proprietary cookbook publishing system that is the first complete self-publishing solution for cookbook authors.

We call this publishing system self-service publishing.  Our publishing system includes software to author cookbooks so they are print-ready for commercial publishing.  Our services include commercial book printing, and other publishing services including book design and distribution. You determine how much or little help you want to publish your book based on whether your project is a personal, community or professional one.  Books are printed "on-demand" which means they can be ordered affordably in small quantities. We maintain high standards for production quality by working with the world's largest print-on-demand printers.

Our system is highly automated and easy to use. Using our publishing software, you are guided step by step through the preparation and completion of a book manuscript's physical layout and design.  Users of our Cooks Palate software can import their Cooks Palate cookbook into The Publisher software and produce sophisticated manuscripts in a week or two.  If you have a cookbook in word processing format we can import standard formats.  Once completed, manuscripts are electronically submitted to us for processing and printing.  Delivery depends on the book configuration but typical configurations are shipped within 2 weeks of manuscript acceptance. That is faster than almost all publishing solutions available today. Your entire publishing project can be completed in 4 - 6 weeks using the complete Cooks Palate Publishing System.

Orders can be as small as 1 book and reorders can be printed as needed with the same turnaround and at the same low price.

To demonstrate our commitment to providing authors with affordable, high quality books, we'll give you the first professionally printed book free!

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