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Over the years we have had many customers buy The Cooks Palate cookbook software to make wedding cookbooks for a son, daughter or spouse. Family recipes and especially family heirloom cookbooks need to be passed on to younger generations and new family members. There is no better way to accomplish this than making a wedding cookbook. Wedding cookbooks are very personal family gifts and often introduce a new spouse to family traditions in an intimate way. In many cases wedding cookbooks serve to cross cultural and culinary divides as families are introduced to each other’s cuisines.

With the Cooks Palate, the process of creating wedding cookbooks is easy. With a little organization and thought about the recipe lineup, the rest can be accomplished by using automated features.

There are basically three key steps to complete your wedding cookbook:

Organize Your Recipes

  • Assemble recipes from all sources including handwritten recipes, recipe cards, your family cookbook, magazines, newspapers, recipe programs and web sites.
  • Enter recipes in The Cooks Palate along with category information for easy search and retrieval. Be sure to add notes and comments about family and family culinary traditions

Design Your Cookbook

  • Develop the cookbook manuscript. Typical cookbook layouts include a table of contents, chapters, images, font styles and sizes, pagination, an index and cover artwork. Ideally, you should use a cookbook software program, like the Cooks Palate that automates the cookbook format for you.
  • Proofread and edit the manuscript draft

Print Your Cookbook Manuscript

  • Print the final manuscript from The Cooks Palate with a desktop printer or,
  • Optionally export your manuscript to a popular word processor for further format customization.
  • Your book binding and/or cookbook publishing choices will depend on your budget. Our Publisher software can help you prepare the physical layout and design of your cookbook and upload the finished manuscript to our web site which includes for print-on-demand printing services at affordable rates.

Whichever route you choose, the finished product will be a cherished addition to the newlywed’s home.




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