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Write a Family Cookbook

Many families think they want to write a family cookbook, but most have trouble getting everyone organized to complete the project. Often family members are scattered all over the country and are only able to communicate via email. This is where a software program like the Cooks Palate can be very helpful.  Dispersed families can collaborate by email to complete the project.

Choose a family member who is well organized and who will commit to being team leader.  The team leader will manage the central repository for the recipes. The cookbook project team leader will also work with a committee on a theme. Considerable thought should be given to the theme. Will this be a family heirloom cookbook or have a more contemporary theme? What type of cookbook publishing process will be used? Will it be printed on a desktop printer or by a commercial printer.  These are topics that should be discussed in detail in advance of starting the project.  The family committee should also determine recipe naming conventions, which recipes will be included, determine recipe layout and whether nutrition is to be included.

Each family member can enter their assigned recipes and email them to the team leader. The Cooks Palate will automatically integrate these recipes in a master database and include any new ingredients that may have been added with them. All the team leader will have to do is drag and drop them into the proper chapter.

By taking advantage of quantity discounts for multi-pack CDs it can be very economical for each family member to install a copy for the project. You can view multi-pack discounts by going to our online store.

Once the book is complete the entire cookbook can be emailed to all family members for review. Early decisions like recipe format can be easily and automatically changed, the recipes can be scaled, and spelling can be checked.

So, even if you think getting your family organized was a problem The Cooks Palate may make it easy to write a family cookbook.




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